We’re trying to better understand the world we live in, to make better choices, to serve our better interests.  Ok, so let’s get busy analyzing the rationalizations made by imperialists to propagate their rackets.  In this article the economic imperialist pushing the Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sand crude oil says the pipeline supports “Merkan values”, whereas importing oil from foreign nations does not.  This assumes people value consuming energy with wild abandon.  Another rationalization made by the economic imperialist is about job creation.  This assumes the people cannot steward their own economy, and create their own jobs.

But these assumptions are completely false, these rationalizations despicably evil.  Economic imperialism is about manipulating consumers in the market to consume whatever the imperialist has decreed, the people be damned, the biosphere be damned.  This is “supply side” economics, a grotesque mega-racket very familiar to Merkans, and becoming too familiar to even more people across the whole planet.

But today more and more people are becoming aware and learning to make their own choices, to free themselves from economic imperialism, to detect the rationalizations and manipulations, and deflect them. We don’t need extremely destructive/expensive energy. We have our own way, our own vision, our own philosophy, our own doctrine, agenda, and mandate.  We’re writing the Charter of the Forest, and the greater People’s Movement is gaining momentum.


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