What is the Charter of the Forest?

The 13th century English Charter of the Forest was referenced in a recent Noam Chomsky article that describes the ongoing assault of the commons by 21st century elites.  The commons are the resources on which the people depend.  The original charter was provisioned in England to protect the commons that the people depended on from such an assault by 13th century elites.

Today the people are writing a new charter to protect the commons, which are under assault by elites, like never before.  The commons on which we depend today include the forests, and all natural resources, including human resources and legacies.  But nature is the foundation of everything we build, and nature is the ultimate source of life.  So the original Charter of the Forest remains a true connection for us, to our true source.  Our philosophy, the people’s philosophy, asserts that a strong connection with the source of life is vital to human wellbeing.

This blog aims to illuminate existing connections, or mental associations, that we make in contemplating current events and understanding our world, so that we can see which connections work best to channel our energy toward serving our true needs.  Because peace and harmony are true human needs, we choose to cooperate with nature, and with each other, instead of compete.

The modern Charter of the Forest is part of the People’s Movement, with the agenda of universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity, and justice.  All good things are connected, and we’ll not only see the connections between the wellbeing of the commons and the wellbeing of the people, but we will come to feel these connections very strongly, and defend them.  Of course, YOU are invited, by all beings in the biosphere, to join the People’s Movement, toward achieving The Agenda.


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