Congratulations to YOU on Nailing Monosonto

You seek the truth with a passion.  You want to reinforce your personal and your community’s connections to nature.  You want to uphold the Charter of the Forest.  So you read about Monosonto suing a farmer for replanting the progeny of Monosonto’s patented seed. And you wonder what you can do about this, in defense of the truth, the people, and the biosphere.

Then you home in on the following quote from the article linked above:

“A soybean, for example, has more than 46,000 genes. Properties of these genes are the product of centuries of plant breeding and should not, many argue, become the product of a corporation. Instead, these genes should remain in the public domain.”

And you realize that Monosonto cannot hijack, take, control the common asset, owned by nobody, that is the genetic structure that pre-existed in the seed that Monosonto started with in its process of genetic modification.

And since the genetic structure that it started with is much more substantial than the modifications could ever be, the burden is on Monosonto to prove that it should ever be able to own/control the seed.

You can thank the authors of the article, from the organizations Center for Seed Security, and Save our Seeds for leading you to this profound realization.  But the whole biosphere can thank YOU for realizing the truth in your own mind so that you may convey it simply, and easily, in your local community and beyond, including you local judiciary.

You can, for example, file a lawsuit against Monosonto in your local court to raise awareness among the justices there of the greatness of the commons, embodied in the genetic structure of all seeds, and in all of nature’s legacy, including the legacy of its human offspring.

The Charter of the Forest blog will include high-quality resources for research and action.  In the meantime, check out nolo for legal resources and prlog for creating press releases for your initiatives.



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